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Bony Açaí, has been active in the açaí industry since 2006 and values ​​the high quality of its products. He made history by sponsoring the best athletes at the world’s biggest MMA event, the UFC. That is why it is possible world renown, thus leading Acai to be known in every corner of the planet.

Our industry is strategically located in Igarapé Miri a “Acai World Capital”, a few minutes from it, which leads us to gain a great gain of quality, since we are one of the rare companies of the segment, that can harvest and process the Acai on the same day, giving our customers a unique product.

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Yes! By containing several vitamins and minerals, it ensures sufficient energy during exercise. If you want to increase, beat the pulp with a banana and sweeten it with honey.

The acai berry has become a hit in the past few years and therefore. There are many ways to consume this exotic fruit. Juice, vitamins, accompanied by other fruits or pure, beaten and fresh in the bowl, the acai combines with whatever you want, including a protein of your choice.

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