The company

Bony Acai was founded in 2006 by Bony Monteiro and his wife, Lucilla.
Bony realized in his trips abroad that “the gringos” only knew of the existence of Rio de Janeiro and the Brazilian Carnival. It was born the dream of making the world know and surrender to the Amazonian flavor of Acai, putting the state of Pará on the map, as it was known but by the deforestation of its region rather than its treasures.

The first brand industry was installed in the municipality of Marituba, near the capital city of Belém. Things seemed easier, but bringing the fresh fruit from the jungle to the industry became a bigger challenge.

A few years later Bony and his wife had to make a choice; maintain the comfort of having an industry close to home, but away from the fruit or take the industry to the jungle, thus obtaining a super fresh açaí, harvested and beaten the same day.

Well, the two sold the first industry and set off in search of the perfect fruit, heading for Igarapé Miri.
There they settled and acquired a small factory, which at that time produced not even 10,000 kilos of açaí per day. Today, after much struggle, the factory is preparing for 2018 to produce more than 150,000 kilos of acai per day.

True, it was a great growth.

All this, thanks to the courage and determination of several people who, over many years, dedicated a good part of their lives to Bony açaí, only in search of a dream that they dreamed together and whose success was uncertain.

Thanks to the maximum effort and courage of each one, we overcome, difficulties, we learn a lot with mistakes and Bony Acai is here today, every day stronger and growing …

Our mission

  • Take to the four corners of the world the best Acai based product


  • Be the most remembered and consumed brand in the world in the segment of Acai


  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Patience to achieve goals
  • Excellence in dealing with partners
  • Co-prosperity

Bony Acai. Good for you, great for the world!