One truth: we do not just want to sell acai pulp, we do not just want to wash lump. What we want is to create a culture of consumption for this precious fruit, to change the parameters of what we have today in terms of processing the fruit, to bring technology, to launch new products and always surpass the expectations of the consumer. Always be changing and changing for the better, evolving!
Looking always for other and better possibilities, whether of production methods or new products. When we sponsored the UFC and several of its great athletes, a revolution began. Thousands of people saw our brand around the globe and began to wonder: “Acai? What is that? “And that simple question engendered curiosity and made many and many people taste the acai, sharply increasing demand and generating prosperity for our sorely-stricken region. I say ours, because I was born here and because igarapé miri adopted me.

This revolution is only just beginning and over time we will prove that Pará, a state of the North, can also do important things and will take a genuine Paraense brand to become a symbol of Brazil for the whole world.

Yes, we are going!