Obviously you can have a much, I repeat, much better product when you take the acai from the tree and process it in a matter of minutes, rather than pulling it out of the tree, to the port, waiting for the truck, waiting for this truck carry the fruit to walk for hours and hours catching sun, rain and all the dust and dirt that he – the special precious fruit of açaí – can find.
Imagine just you: a truck leaves in the scorching sun of our region, goes to a factory hours away and, to make matters worse, will only be processed the other day, in most other factories. Many of them are 200 kilometers from the fruit!

Imagine now: this fruit, in an open truck on your journey to the distant factory, behind a cattle truck. Yeah, you all know what “flies” over whoever is behind a cattle truck. Ah! And in our region, that happens with a frequency you can not even imagine!

Our secret is simple: we have no secret!

We choose the best fruit, the closest to the industry; we process and freeze it as quickly and safely as possible. And for that, we have whitening, ozone treatment and pasteurization.

All to ensure safe food for people who entrust their lives to us. After all, we give them raw material to realize their dreams in different parts of the world. As for our freeze, this is super fast. Well, we have a freezing tunnel that goes at -40 degrees Celsius.

Well, we must take care of what is good and therefore, at Bony Acai we have an efficient system of traceability. And we go further knowing our suppliers, visiting the family of small producers and doing what is possible and impossible, to make this a fair business that creates a virtuous circle, improving the lives of all involved with our super fruit, since the riverside that cares for the most affection of the tree, the catcher, the peconheiro that rises in the tree and the boatman that carries this jewel, improving the life of all of them.

We also strive to improve the lives of industry employees, our customers and to encourage more and more what they have planted, because we understand that every tree planted is good for the world!

That’s right! Bony Acai is good for us, good for you and also very good for the world! Good for those who consume, because it is eating an extremely nutritious food.